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Residential Computer
· Computer Setup
· Virus Removal
· Spyware Removal
· Wireless Networks
· Data Backup
· Hardware Upgrades
· Software Upgrades
· Training
· System Analysis
· Consultation
Business Computer
· Server Setup
· Email Solutions
· Remote Access
· Networking
· Onsite support
· Remote Support
· Internet Solutions
· Backup Solutions
· System Maintenance
· Anti-Virus Protection
· Hardware Sales
· Printer/Copier Solutions
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IT Services for all Businesses
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In today’s economy, your business must be on the leading edge of technology.


If your computer system is the key to your business success, it needs to be protected and maintained to prevent business losses.


System down time and costly repairs should not prevent you from getting business done.


BHU Consulting Inc. can make sure that this will not be the case. A proactive approach will keep you business running and competitive ensuring your success.


Using the latest of today’s technology, BHU Consulting Inc. will help you  keep your computers and your business performing at their best  allowing you to concentrate on business, not problems.


Years of experience and expertise along with a personal touch are just some of the reasons you will be glad you have BHU Consulting Inc. as your technology partner.


Please contact Brian Uihlein for a consultation and analysis of your business technology needs.




Brian Uihlein

954 815 0980